Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Taking Photos

Gosh, it feels like a while since I wrote - umm, let me think what I have been up to - finishing orders, sending out quotes, making curtains for Little Miss L's playhouse, book-keeping (at last, I think I may have got my head around it!), thinking about new products and trying to make the best of my limited photography skills and equipment!

Now that the weather is turning, I will have to find another way of snapping my products for the shop. All my photos so far have been taken in my garden making the most of the little sunshine we did have this year but I don't think a grey drizzly day really sells bunting!

So, I brought a pop-up light tent on ebay and a daylight bulb for my lamp to try out some indoor photos:

I think the photo's turned out much better than my previous efforts:

However, there are some minor issues:

1. The light tent is soooo big, it practically takes up my whole sewing space and I have to get in it to arrange anything.

2. Mr L recently pointed out that my camera has about 9 million pixels less than the cheapest camera currently on the market (mmm, a new camera might be in order here!)

3. My pop-up lightbox won't fully pop-down.  It is one of those annoying flexible frame things that is supposed to fold up and go back into it's little dinner plate sized bag but I have been fighting with it all afternoon and it's not happening.  Still, won't need to workout for a while with all that wrestling!

Thursday, 8 September 2011


Mr L has come over all hunter-gatherer.  Last night we went on a butchery course at The Ginger Pig in London; as he was back late last night and up early for work this morning I haven't had a chance to find out if he enjoyed it. 

However, I was a bit shocked this morning to find this in the fridge - it's huge!!

It's taken up half the fridge! I'm not even sure it will fit in the oven - I hope he knows how to cook it as I guess this is Sunday lunch....and Monday lunch, Tuesday lunch.....

Monday, 5 September 2011

A new look

The eagle eyed of you will have no doubt noticed my blog has a new look!  I have recently had a logo designed which I'm really please with and so I'm working my way through all my online bits and pieces updating everything.  Whilst doing this, thought I would add a gallery page so that you can keep tabs on all my products - please take a look on the next page.

Also, a special hello to all the readers in the US, Germany and Russia!

Here is my new logo - what do you think??

Thursday, 1 September 2011

New Wedding Bunting

I've just added a new line to my Simple Things eshop - wedding bunting in 3 designs.

All 3 designs are shown in cream cotton fabric with black lettering and matching black bias binding (which I think looks really good) but if you would like any or all of this bunting to match your wedding colour scheme, please let me know.

Wedding Bunting:

Just Married Bunting:

Mr & Mrs Bunting:

Each length of bunting is available for £20 each or all three designs for £50. 

I hope you like it.  (Thank goodness for sunny days - not sure what I'll do in the winter!!)