Hello, this is me...Mrs L.

I have a family and I have a little business - Simple Things where I sell my lovely handmade bits and pieces - bunting, bags, purses...go on, click on over and take a look.

Here are a few snippets about me...

  • I've been sewing for only a few years and I'm learning all the time....many of the things I've learnt and blog about may seem really simple to advanced sewists but hey, we all have to learn somewhere.
  • I have no middle name (which bugged me sooo much when I was younger)....we have given our daughter one though.  Mainly so she knows when she's in real trouble.
  • I sometimes skip straight to dessert....sshhhh, don't tell the little one.  Or my mum.
  • Once upon a time, I had a real job where I travelled, went to meetings, delegated.  However, this didn't mix well with family life so that's why I started Simple Things.  I really had no idea that I would be working harder and longer than I ever have before but it's so worth it.  There is nothing like the buzz you get when you make a sale of something you made!
  • My guilty pleasure is reality shows - mainly the US ones.  I seem to get sucked into repeats of The Kardashians all too easily ( I realise I'm far too old for this but I can't help it...I think it may be hair envy).  My current favourite is Giuliana and Bill....and Jerseylicious.  Don't judge me.
  • I love tea and I love cake.  These may feature quite heavily here...


I make everything sold in my e-shop from my little work room at home - you can buy something directly from my shop or if you would like something made especially for you, I can also do that.  So please get in touch and just ask!

I make bunting, bags, purses, covered notebooks and much more - as I am a small business I can be flexible so if you would like something in a particular colour or have it personalised, I can do it.

I also take custom orders - I have made lunch bags, seat belt covers, travel wallets and phone cases so if you would like something made just for you, please get in touch (kathryn@simplethingshandmade.co.uk)

I look forward to hearing from you!

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