Thursday, 24 November 2011

Mega Bunting Delivered

Mission accomplished!  Managed to complete the 100m of bunting on Tuesday and then pack it all up (which took 2 hours!!!) and deliver it to Ralph Lauren yesterday in time for their event at the weekend.   I'm so pleased with myself that I was actually able to do this - the longest I've made is 5m so 100m seemed very daunting not least the thought of making 400 flags!

I had to call in the big guns (my Mum) just to help me make a good start as I had my first craft fair in between too - but we got there in the end. 

Making such a big order has shown that I need to make a few changes around here for us all to be able to work and live in the same house as the mega bunting took over the whole place!  So, top of my Christmas Wish List is a new bigger house or a lovely warm large shed in the garden - Mr L, what do you think??

Failing that a bigger ironing board would be most useful! 

Sunday, 20 November 2011

How did it go?

Christmas Fair yesterday...........not sure how I feel about this yet- not quite success, not quite a failure.

I was so nervous - what if nobody bought anything, what if people turned their nose up at my stuff, what if the other sellers things were much better than mine!  I set up my table and checked out the competition and have to say that I easily fitted in so no more worries on that note.

As for sales - I only made 1 in the first 2 hours!  I was starting to get really disheartened - at that rate I wouldn't even cover the cost of table.  After a pep talk from Mr L (and a much needed packed lunch!), I changed my pricing and things picked up a little - I may have just have broke even.

Still, this was my first craft fair and I can't expect to be a success at the first attempt - I learned a few things and would do things differently next time although having Little Miss L as a sales girl  was quite a draw so she's a keeper!

In the meantime, I still have that large order to complete....25 meters to go

Monday, 14 November 2011

Need to keep going...

Last week I had an unexpected phone call requesting 650m of bespoke bunting in 2 1/2 weeks.  Unsurprisingly, I had to turn that down....but, they rang back and asked for at least some!  I crazily took this as a sign and agreed to make 100m - my biggest order yet!

So, here I am...not quite half way through and shattered.  We still have the Christmas Fair this weekend and I have a few things left to make and Little Miss L is recovering from having croup.  Fingers crossed at least some sales this weekend and at least a couple of good nights sleep!