Sunday, 20 November 2011

How did it go?

Christmas Fair yesterday...........not sure how I feel about this yet- not quite success, not quite a failure.

I was so nervous - what if nobody bought anything, what if people turned their nose up at my stuff, what if the other sellers things were much better than mine!  I set up my table and checked out the competition and have to say that I easily fitted in so no more worries on that note.

As for sales - I only made 1 in the first 2 hours!  I was starting to get really disheartened - at that rate I wouldn't even cover the cost of table.  After a pep talk from Mr L (and a much needed packed lunch!), I changed my pricing and things picked up a little - I may have just have broke even.

Still, this was my first craft fair and I can't expect to be a success at the first attempt - I learned a few things and would do things differently next time although having Little Miss L as a sales girl  was quite a draw so she's a keeper!

In the meantime, I still have that large order to complete....25 meters to go


Anonymous said...

Lovely xmas decorations, cant wait to put them on the tree. Well done

Mrs L said...

Thank you - have a great Christmas!