Monday, 8 August 2011

Thank you postie!

Last night Mr L and I tried to make sense of bookkeeping.  Not an easy task given that neither of us has any experience in this area - I went to bed feeling more than a little overwhelmed with how much there is still to learn and set-up for Simple Things.  I naively thought that I would make some bunting, set -up a little website and watch the orders flood in (maybe not flood in perhaps!) while I enjoy creative moments and afternoons with Little Miss L in the sunshine.

I have so many To Do lists, I'm getting a bit lost.  I decided I just need to get my head down and plough on through and at some point I'll emerge with a shipshape business (and a clean home).  Elevenses might have to be postponed for a while!

I had just come to this conclusion when the postie knocked on the door to deliver my lovely new shoes for my sisters wedding this weekend - all is not lost!  I was momentarily distracted with my beautiful new shoes (8 cm stack heel with a hidden platform - perfect for some-one of less than average height and an issue with walking in heels).  I decided to do what women are best at - multi-task - press the fabric for my next project while wearing my shoes.

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