Tuesday, 25 June 2013

A new dress - Simplicity New Look Pattern 6145

Did you catch the Great British Sewing Bee a few weeks back? What did you think? I loved it!  I haven't really sewn many clothes before and the contestants made it look so easy I thought I must have a go...but when do I squeeze it in??

Funnily enough, I was contacted shortly after the series finished and asked if I would like to choose a Simplicity pattern to make and review......eeeer, yes please!

The first challenge was to choose a pattern - there is a huge amount of choice on the website but as I hadn't made anything before I went for a simple shift dress marked "EASY".  (Easy for some - I hadn't made sleeves, sewn darts or an invisible zip before!)

I don't mind saying I was a little daunted when opening the pattern - there is a huge amount of information squeezed into those little packets.  But once I had decided which of the variations to make, I realised I could just ignore more than half of those instructions - who hoo!

With this particular pattern, there are 4 different sleeve options and 2 collar options - not bad for the price.  I went for the simplest looking one - no collar and short sleeves.  The dress pattern was simple enough, only 6 pieces (1 front, 2 back, 2 sleeves and 1 neck facing) and after an emergency call to my Mum to ask what under-stitching was (seems obvious now!), things had progressed well and I was on to the invisible zip.

This was my first invisible zip I might add.  I needed the help of you-tube on this one - this video was particularly useful and made it look so easy.  And in truth, it really was - look!

Next challenge - sleeves, pleated sleeves.  And again, this was a lot simpler than I had thought, I guess this is down to the straight-forward instructions.

And ta da....a dress, with zip, darts and sleeves.  A proper dress.

Although I'm not in love with the dress and I might even change the sleeves to something simpler, actually making it and following the pattern was really easy.  The instructions are concise (I did find myself reading them several times...out loud) but with a little help from the wonder that is the Internet, they are straight-forward and easy to follow.

Would I make something again?  Absolutely - I am impressed with my zip and sleeves (I can actually move my arms when wearing the dress!) so I will certainly be giving dress-making another go.

How about you?  Have you made anything for yourself?  Can you recommend any patterns?

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Anonymous said...

looks really good. Nice pattern and material. Well done

Cerys from Carmarthen