Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Happy New Year

Gosh, a whole month since my last post - oops!  Well, in my defence, it has been a bit busy round here - not necessarily sewing but getting our house in order and enjoying Christmas, that type of thing.

After having a lovely Christmas (which was spent mostly sat in a wigwam having tea parties with various Princesses, baby dolls and a 2 year old - luckily being 5'3", this is fine for me but at over 6', it was a bit of a squash for poor Mr L); we (or I) decided to rearrange and decorate the whole or the upstairs of our house as it really wasn't working for any of us (or more!).  The spare room is currently mid make-over and is already more comfortable to work in - more on the grand unveiling later (once everything is finished).  Little Miss L has swapped bedrooms with us which meant wallpaper stripping, etc. - perfect bit of post Christmas exercise.

But my biggest news, and most exciting is that I have a new sewing machine!!!  I brought it yesterday and have been doing lots of very happy sewing since.  I had been wanting to try some free motion embroidery and on Monday had a go on my entry level Singer machine - the result was not good, mainly, I think because the feed dog doesn't drop down but is just covered up with a plastic bit.  So yesterday I went to John Lewis armed with some Christmas vouchers and purchased this baby:

Don't get me wrong, the Singer did me proud over the last few years - it got me through the recent slog of 400 flags - but I think I have outgrown it.  It's a "it's not you, it's me" situation. 

So, with my new machine, I've been having a go at embroidery - it's really fun - look what I did:

Oh, I also learnt how to knit over Christmas - Mr L is worried there are matching jumpers on the horizon......

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