Monday, 16 January 2012

Wannabe Goddess

This weekend I became a domestic goddess in training - just for a little bit!

After having a lovely time making cakes with Little Miss L, she decided she needed an apron - so I knocked one up for her....

For tea, I made a pie - chicken and leek (this is the first pie I have ever made and am very proud!)...

I have decided the key to becoming a domestic goddess is to accept (or ignore) the everyday mess and just focus on the good things instead.  It's actually quite easy to ignore the growing ironing pile or the washing hanging around the house and unhoovered floor - and keep thinking of that lovely pie I made.  As I said, I'm still in training.

On another note, I have another success to share with you.... we have lived in this house for nearly four years and every year we've attempted to grow something in our garden...unsuccessfully.  However, we may have turned a corner - check this out:

We have 7 pots all with similar growth!  I thought I would share this with you as I will be very surprised if they make it to the flowering stage.

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