Friday, 4 May 2012

Fancy a new business card holder?

Once upon a time, I had a real job which involved travelling up and down the country, meeting with lots of people and handing out my business card.  I hated doing this because I had this awful little blue plastic card holder, the type that comes free with your order - in fact I still have it and (shamefully) still use it. 

Well no longer...I used the same envelope method I posted a tutorial about yesterday (Handy pocket tutorial) and made a couple of business card holders in some funky fabrics - only thing, I don't know which one to choose now!

I used exactly the same method as the handy pocket, with the following exceptions:

- 2 lengths of fabric and interfacing - 10 x 5 inches
- I used a 2/8 inch seam allowance. 
- I also shaped the flap before sewing the exterior and lining fabric together as I thought this looked more "professional".
- I top stitched around all four sides of the card holder.

I'll be dishing out my cards left, right and centre with these lovelies.


The String Empire said...

What a lovely tutorial! I am adding this to my to do list.

Mrs L said...

Thank you! It's so simple to make and fits all those loyalty cards that bulk up your purse too! Have fun making it!

Hank hendricks said...
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