Wednesday, 30 May 2012

A Few Holiday Makes

We're off on holiday tomorrow - whoop whoop!  This is our first holiday abroad as a family so very exciting....but a bit nervous, how will Little Miss L cope with the flight, how will we cope with the flight!

To try to keep us organised, I've been making a few things:

This HUGE zipped bag to keep toys, books, spare clothes, etc - all the essentials a 2 year old needs to keep them occupied for 7 hours (hopefully)

This simple little wallet to keep some DVDs in:

I'm very pleased with this next one...a travel organiser.  There's nothing really out there when you have multiple passports, boarding cards etc.  So I thought I'd have a go at making one, I think it turned out quite well...

There's enough pockets for several passports, boarding cards, travel documents and a note book.  Plus it's made in this fabulous Amy Butler Lemon Souvenir fabric that I'm in love with at the moment.  I didn't think that Amy Butler fabrics were my cup of tea but on a recent trip to a fabric shop, everything I picked up was Amy Butler!

It folds in half to a little A5 size and is held in place with an elastic strap - pretty neat, huh??


Kristys Stitches said...

lovely stuff! you have a new follower!
hope you enjoyed your holiday!

Mrs L said...

Thanks Kristy - I'm popping over to your blog too to say hello!