Friday, 28 September 2012

Learning Curve

So yesterday afternoon, I spent a few hours snapping my products to update the website and new etsy shop and during those hours, I learnt a few things, such as:

1. It would be really useful if I could keep my home moderately clean most of the time.  I wouldn't waste so much time trying to find stuff or doing extra cleaning just so I can take a picture.

2. The ipad is great.

3. It is a good "investment" to buy nice things so I can use them for props.  Honest Mr L, we really need them...(not sure what yet, but when I see the essential piece of furniture or picture, I'll be ready and waiting with this line)

4. I  have just been taking photos in quite a dark room, trying to avoid the direct sunlight and the shadows - turns out, things went pretty well.  Lesson was "give it a go, you never know".

5. The ipad is great, did I mention that already?

I'm also feeling quite pleased with myself as this week I have made some major accomplishments...I have hemmed the curtains that have hung in our window for nearly 4 years, I have also hemmed a dress and hung a picture on the wall within a month of it's arrival.  Like I said, MAJOR accomplishments.

My next challenge is to make a curtain for the dining room window in some Liberty fabric that arrived this morning from Backstitch...

And yes, that is a dress pattern.  I wonder how long it's going to take me to even open the packet and take a look....


Anonymous said...

lovely material. You can't be as bad as my daughter who has had a picture frame hung on the wall for AGES without a picture in it !!!!!

Blueberry Park said...

busy times! some gorgeous makes there ;-)

take a look over at my blog...there's a surprise for you...