Monday, 18 July 2011

The Idea

This all started about 18 months ago when Mr L gave me a sewing machine.  At the time I thought it a bit odd and it sat in it's box for 6 months - then little Miss L's first birthday came up and I decided to make some "Happy Birthday" bunting for her party.  Since then I've been hooked making things for my home.

Returning to work after maternity leave didn't really work out - I had to travel and Mr L's working hours are long and inflexible.  Plus having built a career and then finding it nigh on impossible to find a part time position at the same level I was at previously - I had to take a step back in responsibility and salary.  Probably not an unfamiliar story for most working mothers!  So, I had been racking my brains for an alternative.  I had a brain wave, Mr L said go for it so here I am very close to launching my own business and hopefully making family life a bit easier.

Hope it all goes to plan....

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