Tuesday, 12 July 2011

My first post!!

My very first post at, well, a little past elevenses as it's taken me a while to get up and running!  So, now we're all here, why read my blog?

6 weeks ago I quit my job to try my hand at running my own business - making simple things to brighten up your home and selling them from my website - www.simple-things.co.uk  (coming soon!).

Sounds simple.  However, having been an employee for the past 15 + years, going it alone has been a little dauting.  Throw into the mix a toddler fast approaching her second birthday (who it seems has been sick more times in the last 6 weeks than ever before) and a home that doesn't seem to want to run itself - there seems to be a few things going on.

The plan is to share with you the ups and downs of setting up Simple Things whilst also looking after my family and hopefully having the opportunity to try some other creative things.  Hope you enjoy reading.


Anonymous said...

wish you all the best. Look forward to looking at your website - love bunting ! Jude30

Anonymous said...

agree with jude30 - bunting is so pretty Betty from Bosham