Monday, 25 July 2011

A little project

I'm now late at publishing my website by over a week - perhaps I was a little optimistic in my abilities to build a website.  Ask me about Good Clinical Practice and EU Directives and I could hold my own, even a debate about Charlie & Lola versus Peppa Pig and I could come up with something coherent but start talking HTML, variants and code.....I'm lost.

I'm making small steps every day and getting closer but my enthusiasm is taking a dip.  Couple this with attempting to get Miss L to say goodbye to her dummy is making for a tough time.  In order to try and keep my interest up, I've ordered some lovely faric that I'm hopig will arrive soon and in the meantime, I knocked up a little storage bag for Little Miss L's toys.....don't you hate it when all the little bits get lost at the bottom of the toybox never to be played with again.  Hopefully this should help (and probably explains why my website is late - oopps!)  

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Anonymous said...

what a great idea wish i'd thought of that when my girls kept losing their happy land pieces...I was forever finding them in unexpected places..jojo.75