Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Christmas Countdown

It is totally against everything I have always done, but this week - October 3rd, I started preparing for Christmas!  Previously, any early prep involved stockpiling Christmas food treats which were then found and eaten by Mr L; my usual routine is too think about Christmas a lot but leave most things until the last minute.  Every year, I think that we could do with some lovely new decorations for our little tree but leave it far too late and am left with a hotch potch choice of garish and broken glass!

Not this year though!  Our tree will be decorated by these lovely handmade decorations which I'll also be selling in my shop.  These are only a prototype to get the shapes right, the colours will be different and a few more finishing touches will be added but you get the basic idea.....

It seems especially odd to make Christmas puddings and snowflakes in 28 degree heat!

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