Thursday, 13 October 2011

Handmade Christmas Decorations now available

Gosh, it was just as well I started Christmas prep early, turns out we have no tree!  We could have easily got to just days before Christmas and not even realised - is this what is meant by "everything happens for a reason"?  I start a business, make decorations for sale and discover we have no tree prompting a quick online buy of tree.  Mmm, I'm hoping starting a business will lead to slightly bigger things but I'll take it for now.  We have narrowly escaped a frantic Christmas Eve chase for a tree!

Well, everything is sorted now.  Below are pictures of said new tree with handmade Christmas decorations now available from my shop - reindeer, Christmas puddings and snowflakes.  Prices start at £5 for a set of 3 reindeer and snowflakes and £6 for 3 puddings.

We will be having these on our tree this year as I really like the homemade look of them; the puddings are my favourite!

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