Monday, 31 October 2011

Date for your diary - 19th November!!

I've made a bit of a leap and have booked myself a stall at a Christmas fair in November.  It seemed a good idea at the time but now I realise that I need to make a tonne of stuff to a) fill up my table space and b) sell!

I've been thinking about having a stall for a while and then came across a poster for the fair at the Community Centre nearby - it seemed an ideal opportunity as it's indoors and the table is provided meaning I don't need to fork out for any equipment.  So, even while Little Miss L and I were spending a few days away with family last week, it means spending every available minute making.

The Christmas Fair is the 19th November at the Hythe Centre, Thorpe Road, Staines  - come along if you happen to be in the area......there's even an inflatable snow dome (I don't really know what this is but it sounds intriguing!)

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